Kanikani! / Dance it!

Kids are natural dancers – watch them get their groove on with Lleuarne Panoho’s unique brand of Kiwi dance magic! All Hī Hā dances are designed especially for kids, and use subtle Māori movements and simple Māori language to help tamariki learn about New Zealand culture while having fun and getting fit.

Lleuarne says: “Can you picture 120 students in a room, chanting a song in Te Reo Māori, laughing, moving, singing? Now picture that single Māori student in that sea of tamariki, and imagine how empowering that is for them. I have seen this happen. This is what motivates me to do what I do.”

Included in your subscription are bonus videos exploring fitness and movement, e.g. yoga-inspired role-play, and an energetic Story Dance, which brings fitness and literacy together in true Hī Hā style.

No experience, rhythm or coordination is required – just bring a smile; we’ll make it easy! The Te Reo and Tikanga Māori learnt within the dances are cleverly reinforced and expanded on throughout each Hī Hā programme, so tamariki will be dancing their way to success! You’ll even find our dances woven into a fabulous full-length play. School production? Sorted!

Lleuarne: “I can’t wait to dance with you!”

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