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What you get (junior school upwards):

  • Access to short, downloadable class play script ‘Flying Lessons’

  • Access to choreographed dance video ‘Korimako’ (Aro)

  • Bonus material:

Access to NZ artists Aro’s audio thoughts behind the songs ‘Korimako’, ‘Kākā’ and ‘Riroriro’ with accompanying worksheets about teamwork, showing off and feelings about change.

Access to Hī Hā Stretch video: imaginative relaxing with yoga teacher Jillian McLean.

A simple play (four main characters + whole class), followed by an affirming, choreographed dance about teamwork. One character has simple, optional words in Te Reo Māori. 

What you get (senior school):

  • Access to short, downloadable play script ‘Tūī and Kākā Take a Stand’

  • Access to choreographed dance video ‘Kākā’ (Aro)

  • Bonus material: 


The music for the dances may be streamed directly from our website for your performances, but we recommend avoiding any internet connection issues by downloading them on Spotify or similar (just search for the song title.)  

When you purchase Hī Hā Gumboot Friday, you will be sent a confirmation email and password.


Hī Hā Gumboot Friday

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