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  • Access to audio StoryDance ‘Europeans, Musket Wars and Te Tiriti’ (tamariki move freely to audio)

  • Access to choreographed dance video ‘Pūkeko’ (Aro)


A fact-filled dramatization of events leading up to the signing of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and the first signs of controversy afterwards, using the metaphor of ocean waves in a storm, followed by a choreographed dance. Characters may speak lines along with the audio, lip-sync, or simply act.


We suggest that children dress as ocean waves (e.g. in blue with streamers attached to wrists.) This assembly item is an excerpt from the Hī Hā school production ‘Ka mua, ka muri: The Great Aotearoa History Show.’ 



Samuel Marsden, Traders 1&2, Fashionistas 1&2, Hongi Hika, Te Rauparaha, Tāmati Wāka Nene, James Busby, Edward Gibbon Wakefield, William Hobson, Henry Williams, Rangatira 1&2, Crowd Members 1-5 

The music for the dance may be streamed directly from our website for your performance, but we recommend avoiding any internet connection issues by downloading it on Spotify or similar (just search for the song title.) 

When you purchase Hī Hā Waitangi Day, you will be sent a confirmation email and password.

Hī Hā Waitangi Day

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