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Educational Dance Fitness Resource for Primary School Tamariki

Te Reo Māori Support - Manu

Vocab List

Vocabulary List

The following vocabulary was covered in the Manu Programme.


Te Reo Māori Pronunciation PlayList

Pronunciation playlist for Te Reo Māori Vocabulary covered in Manu Programme.

Te Reo Māori Pronunciation Guide

Short vowels:

a – as in ‘aloud’

e – as in ‘egg’

i – as in ‘ink’

o – like the ‘aw’ in ‘hawk’

u – as in ‘flute’

Long vowels:

ā – as in ‘car’

ē – like ‘ai’ in ‘fair’

ī – like ‘ee’ in ‘sleep’

ō – like ‘or’ in ‘pork’

ū – like ‘oo’ in ‘moon’ 


‘r’ is short and slightly rolled

‘ng’ – as in ‘singer’

wh – ‘f’

‘t’ before ‘a’, ‘e’ or ‘o’: with as little sibilant sound as possible, almost like a ‘d’

‘t’ before ‘u’ or ‘i’: slight sibilant sound but not as much as English ‘t’

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