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Educational Dance Fitness Resource for Primary School Tamariki

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hī Hā StoryDance?

A unique, online resource of NZ dances and stories made to get kids up and moving, all while embracing easy Māori language, history and culture.

Who is Hī Hā StoryDance for?

Our movement-based stories, plays, Māori legends, school productions, dances and resources are all created for primary-school-aged children. Our short plays are graded. School productions can be performed by a whole school but are targeted at either junior-middle or middle-senior primary school; see individual shows for details. 

Who can buy a subscription to Hī Hā StoryDance?

Our music licensing agreements mean that subscriptions are restricted to New Zealand primary/intermediate schools only.

How does it work?

Access to Hī Hā StoryDance is via an affordable rolling monthly subscription, or sign up for longer if you wish. School production scripts are sold separately.

Is one subscription valid for my whole school?

Yes. You can share with staff from your own school only (one venue per subscription). There is one email login and password per subscription. School production scripts are to be used by the purchasing school only.

How do I buy a subscription for my school?

Click on ‘Pricing’ from the menu at the top of the screen and scroll down, then click ‘Select’ in the yellow Hī Hā Story box and follow sign-up instructions. If your school requires a manual invoicing rather than credit card payments, please send an email to

Schools will need a single email login and password for all teachers at your school to share. We’re happy to sort this along with your manual payment.

My school has purchased a StoryDance subscription. How do I access the stories and dances?

Go to the login box in the top left-hand corner of the homepage and click on 'Log In' (you might need to close the newsletter sign-up box if pops up, and go back to the login box.) Click on: 'Already a member? Login in' and then 'Log in with email'. Enter the email and password your school used to sign up. You should now be able to access our stories and dances from the menu bar at the top of the website. They are arranged in themed programmes.


IMPORTANT: School logins: you will need to use your pre-agreed shared email and password to log in, not your personal teacher’s email (though we encourage you to use your personal email to sign up to our newsletter so we can keep you up-to-date!)


Are we locked into a minimum term or can we cancel any time?

You are free to cancel your monthly subscription any time (we doubt you'll want to!), or sign up for a longer term of your choice.

What exactly do we get with our subscription?

Unlimited access to StoryDance dance videos (designed to be used in our school productions, or use them on their own for a Kiwi dance fitness workout); audio stories (creative and free-style, move as you listen); Listen & Move (audio stories followed by fitness exercises); printable Stories Outside (you read, tamariki move); printable, movement-based short plays (including scripts with options for easy Te Reo Māori); teaching resources on our themes and Te Reo Māori support.

Are your stories themed?

Yes! Our stories, plays, resources and school productions are all grouped into themes which tamariki will love (e.g. Taniwha, Taniwha!)

Can my school perform the dances and plays in public?

Yes! While our instructional dance videos are for educational use in school only, we encourage you to perform our plays and dances in public. Please note, schools using music in public in any context should hold the standard One Music Schools License – your school likely already has one.    

I have questions or feedback! Who should I contact?

Please email We’d love to hear from you!

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