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About This School Production 

Purchasing a school production gives you access to fully choreographed dance videos tailored to your show, a pdf copy of the script and instructions and/or videos for simple costume ideas.​ 

Our easiest-ever school production, the energetic Life of Māui features six audio StoryDances (tamariki move freely guided by the story) and six choreographed Kiwi dances, woven together with a fun script. Includes an option to use your own kapa haka item. At least two of the songs are easy to sing if desired. Suitable for the whole school or junior/middle school upwards. Please note, music rights for public performance are not included. Schools should hold the standard One Music Schools Licence.


Māui stories featured: Birth of Māui, Māui Finds His Mother, Māui’s Great Fish, Māui Finds His Father, Māui Brings Fire, Māui Slows the Sun. Basic introduction to the Māori Atua/Gods: Tangaroa, Tāne-Mahuta, Tāwhirimātea, Rūaumoko, Tūmatauenga, Hineraukatamea, Hineraukatauri.


The Life of Māui show has begun, but the show hosts are stressed out – the guest of honour is nowhere to be seen, and the days are so short, they’re running out of time! Perhaps the Māori Atua can help out until Māui arrives, or perhaps they can find someone to slow the sun – but who on earth could do that, and how?!



Kōtare (Aro)

Peke (Te Nūtube: Atareta Milne & Te Haakura Ihimaera-Manley)

Tahi Rua Toru (Anika Moa)

Kererū (Aro) OR use your own Kapa Haka item

Pūkeko (Aro)

Taniwha in the Sun (Duan & Only/Aunty Bea)


Dance groups: coloured T-shirts (Life of Māui Tees available for purchase, or use your own)

Robin & Meremere: glitzy evening wear

Māori Atua: coloured korowai (cloaks) – see instructions

Rūaumoko also wears a nappy

American Superheroes: capes/masks



Cowboy hats for Māui, Māui’s Tuākana and (optional) Kōwhai Dance Group (hidden in a box under Lady in Audience’s seat)

Signs for sign-waver: Pakipaki! (Clap!); Hurō! (Cheer!)

‘Life of Māui’ sign and decorations


Sound effects:

Drumroll (can be made with hands)

Jazzy music (optional


It’s the Life of Māui Show – but where’s Māui? While the glamorous Meremere Makarauna is only interested in the audience’s applause, show host Robin Tūreiti is panicked by the shortness of the days and tries to hurry everyone along. If only there was a way to slow the Sun!

While they wait for Māui to arrive, seven Māori Atua appear one by one. They are introduced with short, action-based rhymes, and assist the dance groups to perform StoryDances to pre-recorded audio narrating the key Māui legends. A choreographed dance follows each StoryDance. Māui’s brothers arrive, searching for their hats, which they claim Māui has hidden. There are humorous appearances from several American superheroes and a disgruntled lady in the audience, who complains of having no leg room.


When Māui finally shows up, Robin is distraught: the Sun is setting and they won’t be able to finish the show! But using Māui’s newly invented flax ropes, and with a little help from the audience, they slow the Sun and finish the show. When the lady in the audience finds Māui’s brothers’ cowboy hats hidden under her seat, the mood is even more celebratory. What better excuse for a line dance?!

Some 'Life of Maui' Dances:

Costume Ideas: How to make a superhero korowai


Hī Hā School Productions

Looking for an all-Kiwi production for your NZ primary or intermediate school?


Hī Hā’s unique dance teacher/children’s author collaboration offers movement-based school productions embracing easy Māori language, culture and history. 

*NZ curriculum-friendly *achievable *affordable *fun!


All shows include script, choreo dance videos and costume ideas. Some include innovative StoryDances (just push play, kids move freely to pre-recorded audio – super-easy to rehearse!)

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