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About This School Production

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Purchasing a school production gives you access to fully choreographed dance videos tailored to your show, a pdf copy of the script and instructions and/or videos for simple costume ideas.


With six Kiwi songs and a story that is inclusive for the cast and audience, Birds of a Feather is a basic introduction to the concept of Tangata Whenua and the protection of the environment.


Props and costumes are kept to a minimum so that you can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish.

This Hī Hā school production is best suited to whole primary school, senior primary school or intermediate. Music rights for public performance are not included and schools should hold the standard One Music Schools Licence (most schools already have this.) Songs can be streamed from our website during performances, but to avoid any internet connection issues, we recommend downloading them on Spotify or similar.

There is bad news on T.V. tonight! The Baddies are bringing in the bulldozers! Can the birds of Manu Bush Reserve put aside their differences and unite to save their home... or will the bush be destroyed forever?


Additional Information

14 Main Characters

6 Groups



Kākā, Tūī, Tauhou, Kererū, Riroriro, Korimako by Aro.


Bird Masks for all dance groups (video provided)

4 high-vis orange jackets for Baddies           


Microphone, handcuffs

Sound effects:
T.V. news theme music, bulldozer/heavy machinery noise



The TV news is reporting live from Manu Bush Reserve, which is under threat from a team of greedy developers (Builders And Developers Disrespectfully Ignoring Environmental Sustainability, or BADDIES.)


The birds of the bush are fiercely divided, each species (kererū, tūī, tauhou, riroriro, korimako, kākā) claiming to be superior and to have ownership rights themselves.


While the BADDIES loom in the background, the birds squabble amongst themselves, each group repeating their team chants and performing a dance in an attempt to prove their superiority. The newsreaders pass comment on the proceedings. We learn a few facts about native birds. A distraught DOC ranger arrives with the news that there is a dangerous Kiore (rat) on the loose, and it is revealed that the BADDIES are cowards, and terrified of rats.


The birds are now doubly threatened: first by the bulldozers, and now by the rat. The DOC ranger helps them to realise that only if they work together, can they save themselves and the bush: Birds of a Feather Flock Together.


Meanwhile, night falls, and the birds sleep. Under cover of darkness, the BADDIES fire up the bulldozers and prepare to rip up the bush - but the birds wake up and band together, hatching a plan to scare off the developers with a terrifying warning of the approaching rat. The BADDIES flee in panic, and the birds cooperate yet again to catch the rat, which is led away in handcuffs.


The bush is saved; the newsreaders lead a curtain call. There is a final, celebratory dance with gentle audience participation encouraged, and the evening ends in triumph.

Demo: Birds of a Feather Dances

Costume Ideas: Manu Mask video and instructions

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Hī Hā School Productions

Looking for an all-Kiwi production for your NZ primary or intermediate school?


Hī Hā’s unique dance teacher/children’s author collaboration offers movement-based school productions embracing easy Māori language, culture and history. 

*NZ curriculum-friendly *achievable *affordable *fun!


All shows include script, choreo dance videos and costume ideas. Some include innovative StoryDances (just push play, kids move freely to pre-recorded audio – super-easy to rehearse!)

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