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Ko te aha ko Hī Hā? /

What is Hī Hā?

Hī Hā Dance Fitness is a revolutionary new educational resource combining dance fitness, Te Reo Māori and the arts. Our all-Kiwi, website-based programme for schools uses dance as a springboard to explore core subjects such as reading, writing, history, drama and art, all with a contemporary Māori flavour. Emphasis is on culture, self-expression and creativity. Why just learn it when you can move it?!

Hī Hā is fun, inclusive, and easy for both students and teachers.

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embrace the meaning

Hī - pronounced he - as in 'whakahī', to be proud
Hā - pronounced haa - breath, essence

Ka pēhea te mahi / How it works

A Hī Hā subscription gives your school access to two programmes of dance videos and educational resources each year, or you can select individual programmes. Each programme has a fabulous new theme and is divided into units for easy classroom use:

Kanikani! Dance it!:Lleuarne Panoho leads her unique brand of culturally inspired dance videos to cool, contemporary, all-Kiwi music. Don’t worry, it’s super-easy to follow! Includes bonus movement videos, e.g. stretching, breathing.

Whakaarohia! Think it!: Dive more deeply into the theme! From personal responses, fun challenges and mini NZ research projects to Māori vocab games, there’s something here for everyone.

WhakarongoListen!: Stories of Aotearoa: NZ history brought to life through stories, oral retellings of traditional Māori stories and an interactive storydance exclusive to Hī Hā.

Hangaia! Make it!: A hands-on creative unit with a practical focus, e.g. how to make a poi.

TuhiaWrite it!: Write to the theme! These hilariously inventive creative writing exercises from the pen of children's author Sally Sutton will fire up imaginations and get ideas flowing! 

Tāngia! Draw it!: Inspiration from leading NZ artists and illustrators will unleash your students’ inner artist! 

Whakaarihia! Act it!: Short classroom plays incorporating fitness and optional Te Reo, and the script for an entire school production using the dances, themes and even costumes from each Hī Hā programme. How easy is that?! Productions in each programme alternate between shows best suited to junior and senior school.

Whakaako! Teach it!: Written by teachers, for teachers, this section makes lesson plans easy by linking the content in each Hī Hā programme to the NZ curriculum. You'll also find links to other educational resources on literacy, maths, science and technology related to each programme's theme. Includes a glossary of Māori words used in the programme complete with pronunciation guide.

Each unit is designed to include material for a range of abilities, from New Entrant to Year 6. Tasks are given a ‘honey comb rating' based on independent completion; the more honey combs, the sweeter and more challenging the task! Note that most are suitable for all levels with teacher assistance or orally. 

Our Programmes

A healthy body makes a healthy mind! At Hī Hā, we believe that the imagination is a muscle too: the more you use it, the stronger it grows. Our programmes include all you need to give students not just a physical, but a mental and creative workout too!

Struggling to bring a genuine and meaningful experience of Māori language, history of Aotearoa and culture into the classroom? Look no further! Each programme is aligned with Ministry of Education requirements – but if this sounds heavy, it’s not! With our focus on fitness and creativity, students will be having so much fun, they won’t even realise they’re learning and exercising!

"Hī Hā is awesome for our tamariki 

and whānau. Tau kē!!"


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