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What is Hī Hā StoryDance?

Educational Dance Fitness Resource for Primary School Tamariki

Hī Hā StoryDance gives you access to Kiwi dance videos, audio stories and Māori myths, and short plays all designed to get tamariki on their feet and moving.


See our video below of how our tamariki moved when hearing 'The Terrible Taniwha', then use our audio file below to try with your own tamariki. We've also included a Māori Myth - Battle of the Birds, to try for a limited time.

We tested our StoryDance with our tamariki

Try with your tamariki - Press play, listen & move

Our programme has themes kids will love (e.g. Manu (NZ Birds), Taniwha, Taniwha!) and is an easy way to integrate literacy, music, dance and Māori language, history and culture into your everyday learning. 


Wait, what! There's more?! We also offer school productions! Take the pain out of School Production time and purchase one of our theme-based productions written especially for Kiwi kids! Using our Hī Hā dances and simple costumes and props, they make your school production time a breeze.


What makes Hī Hā StoryDance different? 100% of our all-Kiwi stories, dances and school productions are designed to get tamariki up and moving. Hī Hā StoryDance is learning and exercise in disguise! 

We can't wait to get story-fit with you.

Ngā mihi!

Lleu and Sally

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